Thursday, June 16, 2011

Caring and Protecting :P topic..ape ye??
ha!!cerita masa kat class BEL tadi..About a daughter and a son..Kami blaja kat kelas bukan setakat blaja inglish je..Sometimes kena rest kan minda juga kan??emm..Congract to our miss becuse she is going to get married this july maybe..(sorry i forgot..hehehe)..
Cerita tentang ape??
"Guys,u know what,actually mom are really2 worried with her son if he is getting married than her daughter and the pa is really2 worried if his daughter is getting married.. "
is it true??
if we think logic,it is true..
know why??
"It is because she is worried about their son wife..Is she can take care of her son as same as she take care of him??membasuh??memasak??mengemas??"(sound tired)
"the pa is worried of his daughter is because he is actually the protector of his daughter.."
"can their husband take care of her perfectly like he does.."
Logic right??

The question to those who is getting married,

women:can u take care of your husband like his mom does??
man:can u protect your wife perfectly like her pa does??

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